Friday, July 9, 2010

Anime Expo 2010 summary

 My feet were so tired when I got home from AX on Friday and Saturday.   To the right is Chun Li and Zangief cosplay.  It was the best Chun Li I saw at AX.

On Friday, I went to the Bleach planel and got to see a mini concert done by RSP.  They sung two Bleach ending songs and another one that I don't know.

Not a bad zoom function for my camera since I sat at the back of the room.  Later on, I went to the May'n and Megumi Nakajima Live Concert.  No video/pictures were allowed in the Nokia Theater.  The duo sang songs from Macross Frontier to songs from their individual albums.  Yoko Kanno was the surprise guest and she performed on the piano that alien song that Ranka sings (too lazy to look up) and a few other songs from Macross Frontier such as Diamond Crevasse.  I spent the rest of the day exploring Exhibit Hall.
On Saturday, I met up with my friend, Vince and Brian, and we explored Exhibit Hall.  We also got free tickets to the Sophia concert but we couldn't go cause Megumi's panel as at the same time and we needed tickets.

Here's a funny story:

Guy: How much would you charged if I asked you to sign my face?

Steve: Sign your face? I'll sign it for free.

Guy: Ok, let's do it!.

Steve: I'll have to say this is the first. Ok!

Me and Vince were laughing. The guy's girlfriend/wife/ girl friend recorded and pictured it while I and the girl that was with Steve took pics. Priceless. XD

When it came time for Megumi's first autograph session at 1:30, we came too late and they cut off the line.  And it was a good thing we were late as well.  Why?  Well, the line for the 5:00pm signing had both Megumi and May'n, and you only need one ticket (either the one from May'n or Megumi's panel) to get in line.  So we waited.  To give you an idea of how long the line was, watch the video.

I also got autographs from the English Cast of Suzumiya Haruhi (3 out of 5 of them).  Johnny was there!  And I was like, "Why didn't I bring Tales of the Abyss for him to sign?" Only to forget that I brought a Guy Cecil pin on Friday that he could have sign.
But all in all, the convention was a success!  I plan on going next year as well.  I already got my 4 day ticket!  It was only $45 =D
All the picture are available in my AX 2010 album here.
So, until next year!

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