Friday, June 12, 2009

I spent about $200 today and yesterday....

Yesterday I brought:
Movie ticket to see Night at the Museum 2 (I wanted to a see a movie and it was the only one playing at the time. UP was playing at a later time)
2 Jackets from Old Navy

FFVII AC Reunion Files <----been looking for a while for it.
Manga: Asch the Bloody
Macross Frontier x3 cellphone figures
Yatterman Candy Puzzle x3
Yatterman Omotchama figure

That rounds up to about $200. I wanted to buy more stuff like Yatterman manga, Trigun vol 14 (for the mangka to sing at AX 09), Tales of Magazine, FFVII ACC English edition blu-ray, The Girl Who Lept Through Time SE DVD, Snoopy Formation Arts, and this Kamen Rider Den-O/Kiva & Geki/Bouken manga that I was wondering what the heck it was. But luckily I was able to put back all that stuff and only spent about $100. I would have brought Arashi - Believe single if it was there, but it wasn't.