Monday, February 14, 2011

I Sacrifice… I gain… I am… I protect… We are…

Title: I Sacrifice…  I gain…  I am…  I protect…  We are…
Rating: G
Word Count: 354
Summary: The meaning behind the words sacrifice, gain, am, protect, and are to those that hold the Power.
Author’s Note:  Since Samurai made its premiere, I’ve been having Power Rangers on the brain (along with Super Sentai due to the awesomeness that is Gokaiger.)  The theme of both Shinkenger and Samurai is both the same.  They sacrifice their former lives, they gain life values, they become, and they protect.  And that’s how this ficlet come to mind.  Just because the previous seasons didn’t mention it out right, didn’t mean that they didn’t go through the same concepts.  Special thanks to my friend Vince for being my beta!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

A New Team Unites

Title: A New Team Unites
Word Count: 502
Rating: PG (to be safe)
Summary: A quite Sunday afternoon was interrupted and two people soon find out that they need to add more people to the list.

Author’s Note: Oh my god! I’m writing! This popped into my mind after I finished watching the premiere of Power Rangers Samurai. Regardless of my initial perception of the episode, I will watch more before I pass judgment on whether or not I will continues watching.  Oh and I purposely didn't write their names until the end.

Power Rangers Samurai Episode 1

Acting is ok (It's PR) I still don't like the Mega Ranger mode, but I did like how they handled the transformation into it. Kinda wished Kevin, Mia, and Emily had more lines. I do agree that it is not what a first episode should be. I do hope they have an "intro episode" later on. We need to know why they've gather (even if we know it already, they need to show it to those that don't.) There was hardly any background information for the audience to relate to the characters aside from Mike (this was his episode.)

I find it odd that in the OP, it says Created by Haim Saban and Toei, in which Saban's name font size is clearly bigger than Toei of at least 16:12 font. In a sense, is it really created by Saban, I mean Toei came up with the original concept, Saban just adapted it for Western audiences. (I'm not really arguing it, just point out. And the font size is sorta funny in some sense to me...). I do like that they created Yasuko Kobayashi in the beginning.

The way they incorporated Shinkenger footage and original footage is really nicely done. I'll have to say that. As for the OP, I like the footage with Bulk and Spike. And I can assume that they kept the Kuroko (assuming one was following Ji in the OP or was it Jayden? I'm watching an SD ver, so I can't tell)

Overall, I rate this ep as Fair/Average. However, I am going to watch a couple more episodes before judging whether to continue or not.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

San Diego Comic Con Rant

After 4 hours of trying and trying, I got my passes to SDCC!  Yes, I said "passes" cause stupid 4 day passes were sold out due to "server overload."  This was the worst registration I've ever gone through.  THE WORST.  Server kept crashing and this is the third time registration was re-opened.  The first time was a disaster, as was the second.  I had no idea how the trial registration went, as I forgot about it it; however, since this time was disaster, I would assume that the staff thought the trial went ok and chose how they did it that time for this time.

Worst discussion on the staff part.  I truly understand that SDCC is SUPER popular and such, but registration was utterly ridiculous and unprofessional.  You had a better chance of getting into Capcom Fight Club events if you arrived late than registering for SDCC this morning.  I thought smart people were on SDCC registration staff but apparently, I was wrong.  Granted, at least this time people were able to get on to the SDCC site, but we kept hitting Ticketleap's "server overload" page and was told, via Twitter, to keep refreshing the page.  I spent hour 4 trying to get tickets and when I finally was able to chose my tickets (4 day), BAM "server overload!" and "We are processing tickets right now, please hit "check out" again" or "Not enough tickets for the select package" (or something along those lines)  And then the server couldn't decided whether a selection was sold out or not.  So we were told to keep refreshing the page until we get to the next page.  Talk about poor management.

So I manage to get a Friday and Sunday badge.  I wasn't going to pay for 4 individual day passes, nor was I going to pay for 3 individual passes either (too freakin expensive).  So I settle for 2 day individual passes.  I originally was going to get Saturday and Sunday, but the server crashed and Saturday was sold out.  GRRRR!!!  So I'm going to check back every now and then to see if I could get a Saturday pass and then get a refund on one of my other passes.

I swear, I get it, SDCC is popular, but either move the con to a bigger convention (so more people can go) or get a company with a server than can handle the popularity of registering for SDCC!!  RIDICULOUS I TELL YOU, RIDICULOUS!!!  Not to mention that according to Comic Con's twitter, they weren't doing anything.  All they were basically saying was "We know that registration is slow and that Ticketleap's server is being overloaded.  Please try again." Ticketleap kept saying "Hit refresh until you get to the next page."  Which is basically saying to me (and I'm pretty sure to a lot of other people) "We're gonna sit on our lazy asses and eat donuts all day instead of closing down registration to figure out how to work this out again.  We give up on working on a new registration system.  If you can't get tickets, it sucks to be you."

After going through registration today, I am so pre registering for SDCC 2012 at the con or volunteering next time.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Blackout at the mall today

I went to see TRON with my two friends at the mall today.  It was raining since yesterday, but it wasn't raining cats and dogs so I thought it wouldn't be that bad.  So, got to the theater just in time to see the last half of the previews.  Movie was going and then, at the part where Sam hacks into the company building (at the beginning) and BLACK OUT!  Movie came back on a bit later but with no sound.  So we were watching about 20 minutes without sound.  Then they said that they would start the movie over again.  They got the sound working again.  Then we got the part where Sam is with the 4 girls that were giving him a new wardobe.  Black out again.  Then they said that they were evacuting the theater and giving us free tickets. 

So we walked out and saw that half the mall had suffered a stroke cause half the mall didn't have electricity while the other half did.  Decided to go home afterwards.  Turns out parts of the city around the mall had lost electricity as well.