Friday, June 5, 2009


I want to watch YattERman!! But the group that was subbing it, the translator had to drop cause of real life. Add to the fact that looking for the RAWs on torrent sites are hard, it's either not there or no seeds. Yatterman is a brillant anime yet no one else picked it up. *cries* I guess I really have to learn how to use Winny and Share. I REALLY hope that when the live action movie comes out on DVD, someone will rip it and put it on the net. The same would go towards the new anime movie coming out in August this year.


My old man is blind

Seriously. It's the end of the quarter and he's saying that I should have studied more cause I'm sitting at the table studying. HAS that fag not notice that for 10 weeks I didn't leave the god damn house except for school, gym, and market? Has that fag notice that I didn't go to the mall or my aunt's house or anywhere else?! God damn, I can't wait until he's dead. And he doesn't have the slightest decency to not watch pron when my mom and I are in the living room. (his laptop and desktop are in the living room.)

On the other hand, finals is on Monday, and I'm worried about my Chemistry (yet again. stupid chemistry class) Everything else is fine, A or B for sure. Wish me luck, nyah.