Thursday, November 12, 2009


Oh my god! I found it on accident! When looking for Professor Layton UNDUB (was curious to see if there was one and there is, for the first two games) and I found Megaman X8 UNDUB!! Granted, I was looking for it under the name Rockman X8 in hoping that someone ripped the Japanese version, which most likely came with English and Japanese options as did Megaman X7 PS2 and Megaman X8 PC versions. Only found the PC rip and not the PS2 rip on torrent. Shoulda Googled it.


So, I'm just downloading it right. Only 10 more parts to go. Damn MU and their 1am pacific time Happy Hour!

Here's the place I got it from if anyone wants it

Kurenaiseiba's Blog

Don't know who drew the pic, found it on a website/downloaded a folder of pics. If the artist is you, please tell me so I can credit you!!