Ok, I finally know what this blog is going to be about. It is going to be about:

Foreign Disney Music, Toku shows, fanfics, and my life and stuff I find interesting.

Once a week, I’ll post a few Foreign Disney songs up for grab, they’ll be available until the link expires. Please don’t ask me for re-uploads.

Tokusatsu, toku for short, means “special effects” in Japanese. 3 main genre of toku are kaiju monster movies (imagine Godzilla), superhero TV series, and mecha drama.

Please download High Quality encodes provided by their respective fansub group and be sure to support the genre when show comes to you're region!

This banner is made by a VK scans forum member, Bloodyrose/Whitemercenary. Thank you sooooo much Rose-chan!! Arigato!
The banner fits ne?

So click on the next tab and above all, have fun and comment!