Sunday, June 20, 2010

E3 2010 day 1 summary

E3 2010 has come and gone.  I like to take this opportunity to gave a shout out to Capcom, who held a contest for E3 3 day badges, THANK YOU!  I LOVE CAPCOM!

There, now that that's settle, Onward! Defosted Tuna Team! (XD, hint Star Ocean 3)

I had a couple of friends that attended as well.  And we had a BLAST!  Interesting story, at the Capcom booth, they decided to rig the MvC3 game to get a t-shirt, since the winner of 5 rounds gets MvC 3 shirt.  And they did it.  (Note, I wasn't involved.)

Day 1
The first booth I went to was none other than Capcom.  One because I wanted to meet and thank them, and two I was at West Hall and the booth was stationed right at the entrance.  I played some Dead Rising 2 and MvC 3.  There was a live zombie from Dead Rising 2 there as well.  Needless to say, I couldn't figure out how to switch characters in MvC3 (it was a fight stick), but that's ok.  I'm not that good with fighting games anyway.  I decided to skip Nintendo for the day since the line was super long for the 3DS and headed to the Sony booth.  I played some Killzone 3, and let's just say I also suck at that as well.  But I got a t-shirt for playing.  And it was made by American Apparel too! =]  I wondered around West Hall, got this huge bag from this Chinese booth and the Nyko bag as well.  My friend Quoc and I went to play this guitar and drum game that escaped my mind right now and we got a shirt for that.

Afterward, we wondered into South Hall and wondered around playing the games.  At Square Enix, I tried out Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep and the Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light.  Both were good.  We also meet Tomonobu Itagaki (pic at right) at the SEGA Booth. =] The Mafia II line was short; however, it took forever.  This one guy crashed the system and they resetted it and he played again.  The guy that played the game before Quoc must have did something to the right analog stick (360) cause whe Quoc played, he couldn't control the camera. XD We went walking around and ended up at Disney's booth.  Got a pic taken at Toy Story 3.  Quoc played TRON while I watch this guy do a painting.  We walked around a little bit more, played some more demos, and by then it was already 5ish pm.  We got tired and went outside to sit down.

Pictures are uploaded onto Photobucket

I'm kinda lazy right now to add comments to them, but you can read the comments that I've added on Facebook.  Just search ShadowNeko003.

Day 2 summary will come later.

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