Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Rules

The Rules

Once or twice a month, I’ll post a few Foreign Disney songs up for grab, they’ll be available for 30 days since post date. For toku, every time there is a release from a group, I’ll post it here.


1. DO NOT REQUEST ANY SONG IN COMMENTS. I only take requests if you are from Japanese Disney Forums. All requests must be from Japanese Disney.

2. There are no restrictions on trades though, so you can trade here with me, but no request.

3. Please don’t ask me for reuploads.

4. Please DO NOT STEAL the links!

5. A “Thank you” would mean a lot to me.

6. Read the Disclaimer. It is not my fault if anything happens to you, your family, or your computer.

7. Feel free to post my Veoh videos.

8. Enjoy the music and toku!

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