Saturday, February 12, 2011

Power Rangers Samurai Episode 1

Acting is ok (It's PR) I still don't like the Mega Ranger mode, but I did like how they handled the transformation into it. Kinda wished Kevin, Mia, and Emily had more lines. I do agree that it is not what a first episode should be. I do hope they have an "intro episode" later on. We need to know why they've gather (even if we know it already, they need to show it to those that don't.) There was hardly any background information for the audience to relate to the characters aside from Mike (this was his episode.)

I find it odd that in the OP, it says Created by Haim Saban and Toei, in which Saban's name font size is clearly bigger than Toei of at least 16:12 font. In a sense, is it really created by Saban, I mean Toei came up with the original concept, Saban just adapted it for Western audiences. (I'm not really arguing it, just point out. And the font size is sorta funny in some sense to me...). I do like that they created Yasuko Kobayashi in the beginning.

The way they incorporated Shinkenger footage and original footage is really nicely done. I'll have to say that. As for the OP, I like the footage with Bulk and Spike. And I can assume that they kept the Kuroko (assuming one was following Ji in the OP or was it Jayden? I'm watching an SD ver, so I can't tell)

Overall, I rate this ep as Fair/Average. However, I am going to watch a couple more episodes before judging whether to continue or not.

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