Sunday, December 19, 2010

Blackout at the mall today

I went to see TRON with my two friends at the mall today.  It was raining since yesterday, but it wasn't raining cats and dogs so I thought it wouldn't be that bad.  So, got to the theater just in time to see the last half of the previews.  Movie was going and then, at the part where Sam hacks into the company building (at the beginning) and BLACK OUT!  Movie came back on a bit later but with no sound.  So we were watching about 20 minutes without sound.  Then they said that they would start the movie over again.  They got the sound working again.  Then we got the part where Sam is with the 4 girls that were giving him a new wardobe.  Black out again.  Then they said that they were evacuting the theater and giving us free tickets. 

So we walked out and saw that half the mall had suffered a stroke cause half the mall didn't have electricity while the other half did.  Decided to go home afterwards.  Turns out parts of the city around the mall had lost electricity as well.

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