Wednesday, June 2, 2010


So I was having a bad day with drinks today. 

This morning I place my jamba juice on top of my car as I was getting my keys out of my pocket, the drink fell down and some of it spilled on my jacket.  Then when I get to school, I saw that the fall had made a dent in the cup and now it was leaking.  So I had to go get another cup at the coffee shop in school.

Fast forward to 4pm.  I brought a soda with the money in my pocket.  I then realized that I left my wallet in my car, so I had to go down 2 flights of stairs, grab my wallet, and then head to class.  When I got to class, I opened my soda, and all the foam went out.  I was having a bad day with drinks.  So, I cleaned up the mess and then class begun.

After class was over, I went home.  I checked my email...and to my surprise, something amazing happened!  What happened?  I'm not gonna tell you yet (unless you're one of the people that I already told, don't tell anyone until I confirm it) but I will reveal what the surprise was in due time.  All I can say was that I've never gone to this event before (there's a hint, an event that I've never ever been to) and that I wasn't expecting (meaning that I was absolutely sure that I wouldn't be chosen, and I even stated it in my submission, I guess I got super lucky that I made post # XXX or that they thought I should go, but whatever).  I was totally shaking when I read email.  I was like "OMFG!"  I sent a reply right away.

Now, I GONNA STUDY MY ASS OFF to pass my class and go to side event. 


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