Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Twilight Graphic Novel

I’m a some what Twi fan, not a crazy fan, but just a simple person that read the series and thought that Kristen needs more acting classes. I don’t like all the crazy hype and crazy stories that happened because of Twilight. Those people should get a life. Twilight is NOT perfect! It is the opposite of perfect, but heck, I think it was a somewhat decent read. There are other books that are WAY better than Twilight. (And I’ve read other books from classics like To Kill a Mockingbird to the Kenyon’s Dark Hunters series to Feehan’s Dark series to Harris’s Sookie Stackhouse series to Anthony’s Xanth series, etc).

I just finished reading the graphic novel (cover left) a few hours ago. I like this version more than the book. It was simple, straight to the point, and I didn’t have to listen to Bella’s over thinking. For those that are wondering, it runs from the beginning to the screen where Edward runs with Bella on his back in the meadow. On the artist’s note, really good artwork.

Yes, I’d rather see Harry Potter turned into a graphic novel. But I have to say this, I’d rather had Twilight than the High School Musical graphic novel.

To those that trash Kim, get a clue. It’s a job that food on the table. In this economy, you’d be grateful to have a job.

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