Monday, October 12, 2009

Leaked! Death Note script

The ending in the draft was O_o???? Not what I expected. And no Ryuk??!!!!!! (fail, imo) Don't read the rest of the post if you don't want to be spoiled. Remember, this is not the final script nor is it confirm to be a "script"

(I've only skim throught the draft so...)Mom was murdered. (guess that's why Sarah was living since the girlfriend died in JPN ver) Luke didn't die the end. wth (unless there's gonna be another one). Light was never scared of the notebook (of course I think Light went crazy, and Luke is?

As for Death Note in general, I enjoyed reading the manga up until vol 8 (we all know what happens in vol 7/8. It got boring for me afterwards) I only read the rest of it just to finish the story. I wasn't into the anime much either. I have low expectations for this movie. Now, I'm not saying that the JPN ver is better, I found them boring, expect for L's movie...somewhat. I had low expectations for Chun Li and DBE. I wouldn't go to the theaters to watch it. I'd probably rent it when it comes out on DVD and read reviews/summary on how good/bad it really was.


nathalie said...

Is that for a US re-make ?

I loved the series, I haven't read the manga completely yet, I'm at volume 6 now.
Saw the series first, hehe.

Saw both movies, little boring comparing to the series, but liked the ending, L wins, hehe.

I have all 3 collector DVD boxes, and my Ryuk bookends arrived yesterday, haha

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