Monday, June 22, 2009

Brought more stuff

I was up in San Jose this past week. Good time. Brought stuff, played games, a meteor hitting some guy's car and that he was Superman and the JL came an rescued us cause the meteor had kryptonite when "Superman" attempted to hit it, there were other variances to the story but that what I remembered, went to San Fransisco's Japantown, had fun on the Wii with my nephews, found a new hatred for the one that calls himself my "father", helped my sister and her family move into a new house etc. And now it's back to school with crazy chemistry and genetics. I hope I survive this summer.

Adding to the list from list post:

Tales of the Abyss vol 6
Newtype Japan July 09
Shinobi Life vol 2

Kingdom Hearts Squaresoft cover (gonna switch with my SquareEnix cover Greatest hits. I wanted the original without the Greatest Hits sign....XD....)
Taiko Drum Wii drum (You have to hit it kinda hard though)

Dissida Formation Arts Vol 1: got Cloud!
Power Rangers Green Ranger

The Dark Knight 2-Disc DVD (used Borders' 40 off coupon, yay me!)
Went to see UP, good movie,
Went to see Night at the Museum 2, UP wasn't playing until an hour later and it was late (theater was at the mall)

Chapsticks x3
Ariel handtowel

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