Sunday, April 12, 2009

Dragonball Evolution is EPIC FAIL

This is like bad fanfiction of DB brought to life. And no, I did not pay to see this. I pirated it. Argh, maties! I couldn't really state this over at Yahoo! Movies.

If you're a true DB fan, this is not the movie for you. It does not follow the manga at ALL. No Krillin and Goku is in HIGH SCHOOL!! Absolutely way off track. Goku and Krillin are best friends, and they did not put Krillin in. Goku likes Chi Chi, we know that. We also all know that Goku didn't went to High School and that Chi Chi tricked him into marrying her. Now, in DBE, they act all lovely dovely in the end, which is the total opposite of Goku's character. The characters were so OOC (out of character). Yes, I know this is an adaption, but if you make them OOC and cut out major characters like Krillin, this movie is NOT an adaption, it is a total new movie that just copy and paste DB.

The acting seems like they're reading off of cue cards. Grant, I'll have to say that the acting here is better than Scorpion King 2, but at least that had a better story. Graphics were standard. The story is not like DB. Goku's not suppose to be in HS and not suppose to be trying to fit in, but considering they had the setting in the city instead of the country, this is what you get. Too much GokuxChi Chi, I love them, but it's not the real point. (Hell, I don't even remember them kissing in the manga/anime) If Japanese were to make it, it would have been 100x better. The only part that I actually liked in the movie was how they set up Roshi's place. Since Master Roshi lives in a house on an island, his house was on an island in the city. I thought that was funny. So, PLEASE I beg you all do not see this movie. It's not worth the money to see it. It's not worth the money to rent/buy it. If you really want to see it, borrow it from the library or a friend (who's crazy enough to spend money on this fail of a movie) when it comes out. GO READ THE ORIGINAL MANGA!! I personally feel sorry for Toriyama that he granted the license of his master piece to butchered into a live action movie that makes characters OOC and cuts out important characters.

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