Saturday, February 21, 2009

Internet Problem

So I'm finally writing again.

I SWEAR TO GOD, I WANT MY OLD MAN TO LEAVE ME ALONE!!!! "Do this, do that," shut the fuck up! He thinks he's "Mister I Know How To Do Everything Better Than You." I just got off the phone with AT&T Internet Tech support, after TWO HOURS of playing phone tag. And he's BITCHING that I didn't do anything. I fuckin did everything and told the tech support guy asked of me.

Tech guy: What's your problem?
Neko: My internet isn't working.
Tech guy: Can you tell me what modem you are using?
Neko: 2WIRE
Tech guy: Have you tried resetting the modem?
Neko: Yes.
Tech guy: Let's try it again.
Neko: Ok.

*resets modem*

Tech guy: Now how many lights do you see?
Neko: 4 lights, two flashing, the internet one and the wireless one.
Tech guy: Let me run some tests and I'll get back to you.
Neko: Ok.

*runs tests*

Tech guy: I'm going to send an inqury to AT&T and have them check the surrounding to see if the signal is sending to the area and to see if the signal is being sent from the server. You should be receiving a phone call tomorrow morning.
Neko: Ok.

*receives phone call from machine*
*calls number stated on machine*

Neko: Hi, my internet is still not working, and I was wondering what's the status.
*Tech guy checks status*
Tech guy: Someone was sent to the area and nothing was wrong. A test was done on the main server, but it was the wrong test. I'll send someone to do the correct test. You should have internet this afternoon.

*Neko calls to check status cause there's no internet*
Tech guy: I see that there is something wrong with the connection, but the server is
sending out signal. I can send a tech guy to check out your home on....Monday.
Neko: Monday? Is that the earliest?
Tech guy: Yes.
Neko: I called earlier today and he said "Blah blah blah about the Internet..." (don't remember the actual conversation.)
Tech guy: I'm sorry about the inconvenice, but Monday is the earliest that we can send someone to check out your surroundings.
Neko:...Ok then...

So, I finally got Internet last Monday. God, I hate playing phone tag. And I hate my old man. He can't even do ANYTHING even when the my mom ask for a Vietnamese person to talk to. *ugh*

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