Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My Mexico Cruise

I left for my Mexico Cruise on Sept 7, 2008 at 4:00pm Pacific Time. I boarded on the Carnival Pride at around noon time. We left Long Beach Port at 4:00pm. The ship had about 2100 cruisers on board with about 1000 staff members. 10 decks. Pretty big.

So from Sunday to Tuesday, we were at sea, traveling to our first port, Puerto Vallarta. What did I do during that time? Well, I watched TV, sleep, eat, played some video games, watched Kamen Rider Ryuki episodes 1-4, played bingo, explored the ship, etc. The worst day at sea was Tuesday. It was very rough, the ship was moving back and forth, up and down. I stayed in bed all day that day.

On Wednesday, we docked at Puerto Vallarta. My family (old man, mom, and I), along with my parent's friend family, which consists of the mother, father, and daughter (she's like 2 older than me if I remember), hired a private tour guide and went to see downtown, some waterfalls, and a tequilla factory. I tasted a sweet tequilla, and I have to say that I didn't like it. We were due back on the Pride at 5:00 pm.

On Thursday, we arrived at Mazatlan. Unfortunately, it was raining hard. We went outside only to come back inside the ship. I spent the whole day catching up on Shaman King manga.

Friday, we were at Cabo San Lucas. The weather was very nice. We just took a look around the town before we were due back on the ship by 3:30 pm.

Saturday was the day the ship headed back to Long Beach port. Nothing much to do but relax and realized that school starts the following Thursday.

Sunday, we were back at Long Beach California. Getting off the ship was sooooo long. Should have done the self assist, where we have to get out luggage out ourselves rather than let the staff take it. They started letting people off at around 8:00 am for those that didn't have a flight to catch. (those people left earlier) We didn't get off the ship until about noon time.

The food on the ship was ok. There was a buffet on Deck 9. Dinner was served on Decks 2 and 3, however, if you wanted to eat at the buffet, you can. The buffet was opened until 1:00 am in the morning. For dinner, we sat with a nice family from Palm Springs, it was a husband, wife, and their eldest son. They had a daughter too, but she was in her senior year of HS and didn't want to miss senior year. Maybe I'll see them again, it's a very very small world you know. But to tell you guys the truth, I am sick on non Asian food. When I got back on Sunday, Sept 14, I had a bowl of pho (Mmmmmmm, pho) and was full for the whole day.

All in all, it was fun cruise except for that Tuesday. I would totally go on another cruise if given the chance. And now I leave you guys with pictures from my cruise. I am not in most of them since I was taking some of the pictures or having fun. My old man took most of them. However, since I don't like him, I did not include pictures of him, unless he's in a family pic or a nice pic with my mom. My mom's in alot of the pics that I posted though. Enjoy the pictures of my cruise!!!

Cruise Pictures Ahead!!!

*i think this is the longest post i've written so far*

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