Tuesday, July 22, 2008

More Tales of Randomness!

Since I brought so many Tales of games lately.

I've played/playing ToD, ToS, ToA, ToW: RM (PSP), and ToL. My favorite so far is ToA, working on my 3rd run through. My favorite characters are Guy and Asch. I just finished ToS a few weeks ago and now working on my second run through to get all the items, weapons, titles, costumes, etc. Favorite characters for ToS is Kratos and Sheena. ToL, I finished the main storyline and now working on the last character quest....that's been like 2/3 years now, I got bored of it since I couldn't beat a boss XD. Favorite character is Chloe. ToD, I just started. I just reserved ToV and ToS: KoR. I'm looking forward to play ToS: KoR when it's released States side this fall. I would like to play ToV, but I don't have a 360. Reason why I reserved it was that by the time I get a 360, I probably won't be able to find ToV. Trying to find ToS and ToA was hell, especially ToS since GC games are out of production.

I've watched the ToS animation, and I'm hoping they do another 4 episodes to finish it. Oh and I just found out that there's going to be a ToA TV series anime! Woot Woot!! I found out a month later, but heck, better late than never. It's gonna be airing this October and will have 26 episodes (according to ANN).

Here's the official site:


And here's "Tales of" 08 conference:


This is the part of ToA anime shown at the conference:

I love Guy's scene this clip. lol XDD

Gawd, I can't wait till all the new Tales games and Abyss anime to come out! I wish they port all of the Tales that weren't release outside of Japan. I really want to play Destiny on the PSP.[/color]


bentobox3709 said...
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bentobox3709 said...

You're gonna have ta make a crap load of files, and download a few things. Its complicated, but it gets simple(got a video/mp3 player working to watch Avater, a app that allows me to play Import games*^w^*, and some emulators). Thanks, I appreciate it, I'm addicted to the game, took a few minutes to get the hang of the combat system. I'll AIM the Homebrew links and info on AIM, as I am tired, and need my rest for tomorrow's chores of finally cleaning up my house from the party(I'm really lazy at times).