Wednesday, June 11, 2008

InuYasha is ENDING!!!

Finally, InuYasha is ending! I read some of the first few volumes, then skipped over to volume 50, chapter 489, and read until the latest chapter. Next week is the end of InuYasha, making it a total of 558 chapters. During the chapters that I read, it was mostly talk talk talk, boring boring boring, cliffhanger, cliffhanger, cliffhanger. Then it got good for some parts, and now it's ending. YAY! FINALLY! I can only read InuYasha for so much. The people who actually read from beginning to end, I don't know how they did it, but they did. They stuck with the manga for it's entire run.

Now to wait for the final chapter, ch 558. Hopefully, it'll be a good ending, maybe ionno...50 pages? Yeah that should be good enough for the finale.


bentobox3709 said...

It is? Thats great, I felt like the anime should've progressed as far as the manga, but I forgot where I left off...maybe the part where Inu Yasha learns the tech that kills 100 demons(OwO, I forgot alot about this series).

Anonymous said...

Tori: I am actually excited. What chapter do you recommend me starting? I wanna read the end ^_^x Wow... remember the first time we watched it? It was lunch time and we were using those laptops that we could borrow for a year.